Legs, bums & tums challenge!

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 May 1st 2017 – starting soon!

Get back in shape this Summer!

Join over 50 like-minded women as we exercise our way through May – as a united sisterhood!

Get 1 month of coaching, tips, motivation and inspiration, for just £7 (yes that’s all!) PLUS, sign up now and you’ll get a complimentary Clean Eating Guide with bonus recipes to use whilst doing the challenge!

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Fully certified, Registered Exercise Professional, Nicola Pybus

who is running the challenge?

Nicola Pybus will be your online trainer for the duration of the challenge. She is a passionate Female fitness coach, and the founder of Fit and Flashy Ltd.


Fit and Flashy Ltd. is a company dedicated to empowering women through exercise and healthy eating. Nicola is extremely passionate about helping women to feel great again, and actively speaks out against yo-yo dieting, false weight loss programmes, and the way in which women are made to feel ‘not good enough’ by the distorted images portrayed in the media.

Nicola is a firm believer that all women deserve to feel amazing, regardless of their shape or size, and it is her mission to help as many ladies as she can to look and feel great through exercise that caters to all shapes and sizes.

What is included?

As part of my challenge, you will get: – 30 days of exercises designed by Female Fitness Coach, Nicola Pybus – Workouts to target your legs, bums & tummy to get you back in shape for Summer – Alternative modifications – for those with dodgy knees or joint pains – Access to a closed group of ladies who will help you complete the challenge at all costs! – PLUS! Sign up now and you’ll get my 3 day detox plan TOTALLY FREE (use it to guide your nutrition whilst doing the challenge for improved results)

When will the challenge take place?

The challenge starts on May 1st and will run for the entire month (will you complete all 30 days?)

Where will the challenge take place?

This is an online challenge so it’s really up to you where you complete the daily workouts. They have been designed as easily manageable, home-based workouts, but if you would like to complete them in the gym that’s also fine. The daily workouts will be posted inside the closed Facebook group, which you will be able to access after you have signed up for the challenge.

How can I join the challenge?

You will be able to access your daily challenge workouts through the Facebook group, and may complete the challenge at any point during the day. A great way to ensure that you actually do complete all the workouts is to team up with somebody and do daily check-ins. Workouts will be posted on the Facebook group each day, and it will be up to you to check what the challenge for the day is :)